Measures of Interdisciplinary Research Success


 Measures of Success and Promotion of Interdisciplinary Research

Success in interdisciplinary research can be measured through a variety of indicators, which may vary depending on the specific goals and context of the research project. Here are some common measures of success in interdisciplinary research:

  1. Publication Impact: This includes the number of publications, citations, and the impact factor of journals where the research is published. High-quality publications in respected interdisciplinary journals or journals within relevant fields demonstrate the significance and contribution of the research. The Researchers at Karnatak University are working in the Frontiers areas in Research with total citations and the institutional h index is ---
  2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Successful interdisciplinary research often involves collaboration across different disciplines. The extent and quality of collaboration, including partnerships with researchers from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and sectors, can be a measure of success. Most of the teachers are involved in the collaboration within the University and with the Institutions of this country and abroad.
  3. Recognition and Awards: Awards, honors, and recognition from professional societies, academic institutions, or other organizations can be indicators of success in interdisciplinary research. In view of this,
  4. Long-term Sustainability: Sustainable interdisciplinary research programs demonstrate success by maintaining momentum, attracting continued funding, and fostering ongoing collaboration and innovation over the long term. To promote the Interdisciplinary Research the University has installed various Fellowship and Lecture series.  In this regard Dr. M R Gorbal Foundation has signed MoU with Karnatak University on 18/01/2023 to support research scholars with fellowship and sponsor lectures by eminent scientists in the Department of Physics, at Karnatak University, Dharwad with a view to advancing scientific research. Also, the university has instituted a Research Fellowship and two Studentships in Chemistry through the generous funding from S. T. Nandibewoor. Along with this, Smt. Aruna S. Nandibewoor and S. T. Nandibewoor Gold Medal have been installed for the Best Scientist (One Teacher and One Research Scholar) in Science and Technology and Social Science are selected and the Gold medals are given during the Annual Convocation. A measure of interdisciplinary research success is by selecting the 10 Best Research Papers in Science from all the disciplines. The selection of the papers is done through an apex committee consisting of eminent scientists in all the fields from the Premier Institution of India viz., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. These 10 Best Research Papers from all the disciplines are compiled into one volume. The corresponding authors are felicitated on the National Science Day.


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