University Computer Center

Central Computing Facilities


University Computer Centre was established in the year 2007 with the objective of providing computational environment for the academic and research community of the Campus. Over the years, this center is equipped with state of the art computing facilities with adequately high speed Internet connectivity. It offers training apart from being support service for the teaching, non-teaching staff and students. At present 1 Gbps Internet bandwidth is catering the academic needs of the users. In addition, access to the E-resources has been made available through the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium.

This Centre is under the supervision of Director, IT. The center is located at the heart of the campus (Student Home) and hence number of students and research scholars are making use of this facility. Center is open from morning 10:30 AM to 6: 00 PM.

Technology Infrastructure

Presently 40 Desktop systems are available for users. All the Computers are connected with main campus LAN through OFC Cabling. The main Infrastructure includes;

  • 40 Desktop Dell Systems
  • UPS: Cosmic systems 7.5 KVA and 5KVA
  • UPS: TPC systems 7.5 KVA 120 Volts, 120 AH
  • Numeric Systems 5 KVA 192 Volts 65 AH
Computer Centre is used for various purposes in the University
  1. Facilitates Internet facility for University Students, Research Scholars and Staff.
  2. Conduction of the Practical classes/ Examinations (those departments where Computer Lab facility is inadequate)
  3. Facilitate for Conducting e-Governance Training Programmes for the University Staff.
  4. Centre also provides free service to the outside university users for online payment (admission, exam fees, etc.)
  5. Facilitates conducting of Academic Staff College Practical classes.

This center is managed by 2 dedicated technical staff on temporary basis:

Desktop Computers Dell Vostro 3681
Intel core i5 2.90 GHz Processor
19 inch Monitor,Keyboard, Mouse
Online UPS TPC systems 7.5 KVA 120 Volts
120 AH AMAZE Batteries 10Nos.
Online UPS Cosmic Systems 7.5 KVA 120 Volts
100 AH AMAZE Batteries 10Nos.
Online UPS Numeric Systems 5 KVA 192 Volts
65 AH EXIDE SMF Batteries 16 Nos.

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