Horticulture Department


The department of Horticulture was established in 1949 associated with building department and became independent in the year 1957. The department was initially headed by Shri. G.S. Nanjundayya as Garden superintendent in the year 1958. At present department has independent building and a Nursery and is headed by Dr. G.S. Mulgund as a I/C. Horticulture Officer.

The total area of the campus is about 750 acres. The department is involved in maintaining the aesthetic value of the Karnatak University, Campus and other constituent Colleges by continuously maintaining the Garden and development along with plantation extension activities in the campus for improving the carban sinks in the campus.

The department has a two nurseries established in area about 10 acres which also has a two Green houses. The nursery has more than 600 verities of plants and nearly about 10,000 potted plants. The plant propagation and other developmental work in these nurseries is continuous programme. The department also maintains the premises of the different constituent Colleges such as Karnatak College, University College of Education, Sir Shiddappa Kambali Law College, and University Public school and all Hostels of the Karnatak University.

  1. To maintain the clean, green, aesthetic value of the K.U. Campus, Botanic Garden and its constituent Colleges.
  2. To develop the campus as one of the nature lovers spots
  3. To provide the ample opportunities for students, employees and public for education and creating the awareness about the natural resources.
  4. To create recreation centre for the public.
  5. To develop the water harvesting strategies in the campus.
  6. To develop the K.U. Campus as a Biodiversity centre.
  7. To develop collaboration with forest department for plantation work.
  8. To provide the seedlings to the interested public.
  9. Supplying the potted plants on rent bases to different departments on demand.
  10. To develop and maintain the medicinal plant garden.
  11. To train the employees for Horticultural practices.

  1. Separate building
  2. Computer
  3. Two nurseries
  4. Tractor
  5. 3- weed cutters
  6. 1- Lawn mower and
  7. Garden implements


The department has different sources of income such as Mango, Sapota, Guva plantation and Tamarind, Coconut, Lemon, Grass and rent collected by potted plants from other departments. But free service is given to the University functions. Following table shows increasing tendency.


The Karnatak University Botanic Garden has been established in 1963. It is the only Botanic Garden in northern part of Karnataka state. It spreads in an area of over 40 acres and is located at elevation of 830 meters. The flowering plants represent 170 families and more than 1300 sps. have been maintained. This garden also has a small nursery where medicinal plants, rare and ornamental plants are maintained. It is the member of BGCI and IBGN. The Garden is well planned with different sections like 1. Oil yielding plant, 2. Economic plants, 3. Garcinia section, 4. Coconut garden, 5. Citrus garden, 6. Systematic section and 7. Gymnosperms and local flora section. The Garden has both indigenous and exotic sps. from different places.

The Garden is a centre of study for students of M.Sc. Botany and various other departments like Zoology and Chemistry. This garden is a centre of attraction for public, nature lovers and students of different Colleges, including Ayurvedic and Homeopathy Colleges and other Universities for the study.

  1. The department has continuously participated in the Garden competition conducted in Hubli-Dharwad city and has 14 times Championship from 1964 to 1977. In the last 6 years it has bagged different prizes in the competition:

  2. Sl. No Periods Number of Prizes
    General Champion Champion First Second
    1 2008-09 -- 2 41 28
    2 2009-10 -- 2 54 40
    3 2010-2011 -- 4 46 36
    4 2011-2012 -- 3 48 18
    5 2012-2013 -- 07 94 29
    6 2013-2014 01 10 94 34

  3. Controlled the weeds infront of the main building and maintained the garden and expansion is under progress.
  4. Newly developed gardens at the Library, Health Centre, Kanaka Bhavan, Department of Computer Science, Department of KIMS department. SC/ST Cell, Administrative building, Old guest house and other places.
  5. Establishing the Green Library.
  6. Maintained the fruit yielding plants orchards.
  7. Removed the unwanted weeds.
  8. Maintained the forest plants and every year we are taking plantation programme.
  9. Maintained the gardens of the Karnatak University constituent colleges.


The department has extended its services to the different P.G. Centres:

  1. During the year 1970-71 The Gardening service was given to the P.G. Center at Gulberga established then by Karnatak University, Which is now an independent University.
  2. Similar service was extended to both PG. Centres at Sandoor and Boothramanahatti at Belgaum, became an independent Rani Chennamma University, Belgaum in 2010.

  1. Continuously plantation work is to be under taken for every year.
  2. Establishing the gardens around the buildings in the campus.
  3. Declaring the campus as a plastic free zone.
  4. Continuously planning for natural water harvest.
  5. Adapting utilization technology like solar and wind.
  6. Adapting waste water treatment plant.
  7. Establishing medicinal gardens.
  8. Training for hostel students for garden maintenance.
  9. Making entire campus green and clean and etc.


According to the natural conditions the department is continuously extending its service for cleaning, greening and developing the Gardens. The department is planning to give extension services for Horticulture training programs to the interested public to maintain the nurseries and gardens and landscaping.


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