Deans of the Faculties

Sl. No. Deans of Faculties
1Dr. B. Basavanagoud
Dean Faculty of Science & Technology
Dept. of Studies in Mathematics
K.U. Dharwad.
2Dr(Smt). Chandramma Manchaiah
Dean Faculty of Commerce
Dept. of Studies in Commerce
K.U. Dharwad.
3Dr. R.M. Nayak
Dean Faculty of Arts
Dr. R.C. Hiremath Kannada Adyana Peetha
K.U. Dharwad
4Dr. S.T. Bagalkoti
Dean, Faculty of Social Science
Dept. of Studies in Economics,
K.U. Dharwad.
5Dr. A. M. Kadakol
Dean Faculty of Management
Dept. of Studies in Management
K. U. Dharwad.
6Dr(Smt). Manjula S.R.
Associate Professor,
Dean Faculty of Law,
Dept. of Studies in Law
K. U. Dharwad
7Dr. B.M. Patil
Deputy Director,
Dean Faculty of Education
Dept. of Studies in Physical Education
K.U. Dharwad.

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