• Continuing Education: Teacher educators are not only trained here but also efforts are being made to provide continuing education for them. This is necessary for professional development.
  • Course Transformation: Course transformation is necessary from time to time. It is now focusing more and more on developing, practicable and utilizable skills in all courses. Application of computers and information management systems has become an imperative.
  • Counseling in Educational Management: The department has been competent  enough to provide counseling sessions on  request to various government (SIEMAT) and other Institutions in the Educational Management.
  • Collaborative programmes: Conducting life long education and continuing education in association with local NGOs, Akshara Foundation, Deshpande Foundation, Rural Development institutions.
  • Field Visits: The Department of Education is planning to visit people at the grass root level to launch programmes on Educational Awareness, Literacy programmes, Health Education and Education of Differently Abled.
  • Special Lectures: The Department conducts yearly special lectures on the topics of current interest inviting experts from all over India for the benefits of the students, teachers and research scholars.
  • Proposal to UGC: Proposals for Special Assistance Programme(SAP), innovative programme in Teaching and Research in interdisciplinary and emerging areas and also planning for installing Post-Graduate Diploma courses in Educational Technology and Research Methodology area in vogue.

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