To produce globally acceptable human resources in education through:

  1. INSTRUCTION:                Providing instruction by making use of a combination   of indigenous and innovative method                                                                                                            of teaching.
  2. CURRICULUM:               Evolving globally acceptable curriculum and  continuous renewing the same by means of                                                       programme      evaluation.
  3. RESEARCH:                     Advancing the Frontiers of Knowledge in Teacher Education by Means of both Quantitative and                      qualitative   research at basic, applied and action level.    
  4. EXTENSION:                    Extending the Wealth Knowledge of Education to the Practioners of Education and to thus far unreached Section of                                   Society.
  5. DEVELOPMENT:          Developing advanced programmes, tools and  techniques, which are useful in the field of                                              Education.
  6. STUDENT SUCCESS:    Prepare and equip Students to be critically reflective and practitioners    programmes and  curriculum optimise                                                efficiency and effective practices.
  7. CONSULTANCY:          Providing  expertise in resolving academic      problems   faced by the teachers, administrators,  managers, planners           and practioners of education. 


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