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Music and Fine Arts


The Department of Music & Fine Arts was started in the year 1976-77 by legendary vocalist late Dr. Mallikarjun Mansur who was the first Honorary Director of the Department and brought a number of National level musicians to teach music in the department viz., Dr. Gangubai Hangal, Dr. Basavaraj Rajguru, Pt. Panchaxariswami Mattigatti, Pt. Sangameshvar Gurav, Prof. A.U. Patil, Smt, Janaki Iyar, Dr. Bindumadhav Pathak. By the grace of such artist the department has produced renowned artist who are presently either working in A.I.R , Doordarshan or as a National Artist and Good performers throughout the state.
The Hindustani classical music tradition of Dharwad has a history of more than one hundred years. It owes its origin to the great patrons of the Wodeyars of Mysore. Dharwad was a musician’s transit camp to many maestro traveling to Mysore from North India. In the course of time, Dharwad it self became a prominent centre of Hindustani traditions and facilitated to the rise of statlwarts like savayi Gandharv, Gangubai Hangal, Bhimasen Joshi and the like. The legacy established by these genius gave a district vision to the department of Music and Fine Arts at Karnatak University , Dharwad. Eventually, Dharwad became a centre of many gharanas of Hindustani classical tradition.
Dr. Mallikarjun Mansoor belongs to Jaipur Athroli Gharana, his specialty lies in rendering rare complex ragas. His melody is enriched by rhythm. His music has the varieties like 1. jayat kalyan.2. Kanada Sugarai kandy. Bihagada Natbihag Khat. etc. He used to establish instant rapport with his auditions with the very penning notes of all ragas. In his concerts of Jaipur Athroli Gharana all the intricacies like vistar bolupaz, bolthan, swarataan, layakari were expressed profoundly. In his music, we can see the melodious voice. Layakar, the special style coming back to sum and mugbandtaan. His music is famous for jodi ragas.
Dr. Basavaraj Rajgur is famous for his melodious voice, He got training in both Hindustani and Karnataki style so that he masterly rendered notations in his layakari. With boltaan he suddenly reaches to the sum, that is his speciality.
Prof. Panchaxari Swami Mattigatti. He also belongs to Jaipur Athroli Gharanas. He is a disciple of Dr. Mallikarjun Mansoor. In his Music we can see the melodious voice. Layakari, the special style coming back to sum and mugbandtaan. His music is famous for Jodi ragas.
Prof. Sangameshvar Gurav’s. voice is like Abdul Kareem Khan. He belongs to Kirana Gharana. His voice is melodious, laya baddha, tana, swara vistar and special quality of tuan we can listen in his voice.


Music for devotion music for health, music for wealth, Music for education, music for progress, music for one and all


• To develop audio- visual library for students and music lovers
• To create awareness about Indian classical music in the contemporary society by organizing exhibitions of music and fine arts
• To organize camps in rural areas and encourage poor artists for bringing their talent to light
• To provide heaeing touch to the physically and mentally sick persons through music
• To bring peace and unity in the society through music
• To conduct scientific experiments in music
• To create the best possible academic ambience for achieving advancement of students and faculty to be the best music artist performing in their endeavours

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